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Ryland Peter Cooder
The Master and his Music

Born: March 15, 1947 (Los Angeles, CA)

It's nice to see that people have enjoyed this site!
(Up since beginning of 1996)

I have almost completed the majority of the main pages of the Ry Cooder website. I would appreciate any feedback.

You may notice I have put back the links to CDnow and amazon.com. I would be most appreciative if everyone could frequent these shops, as it is the only way I can recoup the costs to me for running this website.

p.s. You may notice I am also at a new home. NO MORE GEOCITIES!!! WOOHOO!!!

These pages contain all work which Ry has done over his vast career, and any information gathered by myself and other Ry Cooder fans.

Notice about the Ry Cooder mailing list: Several subscribers to this list have in the past not provided their correct email addresses, or in some cases, the service provider has closed down. Hence, they have not been getting any email from the list, or been unable to send to the list. If this is you, PLEASE email me as soon as possible with the correct information, and I will rectify it.

Thank you.