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Doug Legacy and the Legends of the West
Christmas in Prison / Christmas on the Range
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Side A. Christmas in Prison
Produced by Ry Cooder
  1. Ry Cooder - accordion
  2. Jim Unfried - steel drums
  3. David Mansfield - fiddle
  4. Rex Golston - percussion
  5. Jim Keltner - drums
  6. Jorge Calderon - bass
  7. Van Dyke Parks - piano
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Side B. Christmas on the Range
Produced by Ry Cooder & Van Dyke Parks
  1. Ry Cooder - acoustic guitar
  2. Jim Keltner - drums
  3. Van Dyke Parks - piano
  4. Jorge Calderon - bass
  5. David Mansfield - fiddle
  6. Jim Unfried - steel drums
  7. Rex Golston - percussion

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