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Everly Brothers
Stories We Could Tell
The RCA Recordings
Compilation CD of 2 LPs : 'Stories We Could Tell' 1972 - all tracks and 'Pass The Chicken And Listen' 1973 - 9 of 12 tracks
  1. All We Really Want To Do
  2. Breakdown
  3. Green River (Ry Cooder : electric bottleneck guitar)
  4. Mandolin Wind
  5. Up In Mabel's Room
  6. Del Rio Dan (Ry Cooder : electric bottleneck guitar)
  7. Ridin' High
  8. Christmas Eve Can Kill You
  9. Three-Armed Poker-Playin' River Rat
  10. I'm Tired Of Singing My Song In Las Vegas
  11. The Brand New Tennessee Waltz
  12. Lay It Down
  13. Husbands And Wives
  14. Woman Don't You Try And Tie Me Down
  15. Sweet memories
  16. Ladies Love Outlaws
  17. Not Fade Away
  18. Somebody Nobody Knows
  19. Good Hearted Woman
  20. Stories We Could Tell

Says List member Rob "supersleuth" Pemberton :
I thought RPC list members might be interested in this CD's existence. The liner notes tend to suggest that Ry may have played on the second RCA LP 'Pass The Chicken And Listen', but unfortunately there's no individual track info. The notes also state that Chet Atkins produced both albums, which doesn't match Satoru's original 'Stories' LP listing which credits Paul A. Rothchild. Rothchild has a pretty lengthy CV on the All-Music Guide (Doors, Joplin, Raitt etc) but no mention of Everley Bros...

Produced by : Chet Atkins

Musicians :

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Information supplied by List member Rob Pemberton
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