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Randy Newman
Creates Something New Under The Sun

Re-release of first album Randy Newman
  1. Love Story
  2. Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad
  3. Living Without You
  4. So Long Dad
  5. I Think He's Hiding
  6. Linda
  7. Laughing Boy
  8. Cowboy
  9. The Beehive State
  10. I Think It's Going To Rain Today
  11. Davy The Fat Boy

Produced by : Lenny Waronker and Van Dyke Parks

Arranged by : Randy Newman

There are no credited musicians. However, Japanese reviewer Kazuhiro Uda writes that Ry may have played guitar on track two, and Satoru thinks this sounds possible.

From the original release as Randy Newman, René says: Apart from the producers there are no credits at all. I think Ry is on tracks two and five (not much, but I do think that the very little guitar there is, is him). However, Rob points out: René's correct in that there are no musicians credited against the individual tracks on Randy's first album (just a list of 74 musos!). But the credits on the Guilty box set are as expansive as could be established from the original production notes. On 'Bet No One...' the credits are Randy Newman:piano, Mike Deasy & Ron Elliot:guitars, Lyle Ritz:bass, Jim Gordon:drums and Tommy Morgan:harmonica.

© 1968 Reprise

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