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Slash Cuts
  1. The Last Stand - Ry Cooder from Alamo Bay
  2. Trail Of Time - The Knitters
  3. Backseat Nothing - The Del Fuegos
  4. Post Office - Rank And File
  5. I Got Loaded - Los Lobos
  6. Faith - Violent Femmes with Steve Mackay and Zigmund Snopek III
  7. Red Rose - The Blasters
  8. Five Easy Pieces - Green On Red
  9. Have You Forgotten - The Del Fuegos
  10. Gimme The Car - Violent Femmes
  11. Dark Night - The Blasters
  12. A Matter Of Time - Los Lobos

Track 1 Produced by : Ry Cooder

Track 1 Musicians :

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