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K44091 UK
63922 USA
Gordon Lightfoot
If You Could Read My Mind

Re-release of the album
Sit Down Young Stranger
  1. Minstrel Of The Dawn
  2. Me And Bobby McGee (Ry Cooder: bottleneck guitar)
  3. Approaching Lavender
  4. Saturday Clothes
  5. Cobwebs & Dust (Ry Cooder: mandolin)
  6. Poor Little Allison
  7. Sit Down Young Stranger
  8. If You Could Read My Mind
  9. Baby It's Allright
  10. Your Love's Return (Song For Stephen Foster)
  11. The Pony Man

Produced by : Lenny Waronker and Joe Wissert

Musicians :

© 1970 Reprise
This album previously released under the title Sit Down Young Stranger.
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