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Year Music by... Film Title Label/Ref
1969 Melvin Van Peebles Watermelon Man Beverley Hills 26
1970 Jack Nitzsche Performance Warner K-46075 / BS-2554
1978 Jack Nitzsche Blue Collar MCA-3034
1978 Going South Not Released
1980 Ry Cooder The Long Riders Warner 7599-23448-2
1981 Ry Cooder The Border MCA MCF-3133
1981 Southern Comfort Not Released
1984 Ry Cooder Streets of Fire MCA MCF-3221
1985 Ry Cooder Alamo Bay Warner 7599-25311-1
1985 Ry Cooder Paris, Texas Warner 7599-25270-2
1985 Brewster's Millions
1986 Ry Cooder Blue City Warner 7599-25386-1
1986 Ry Cooder Crossroads Warner 7599-25399-2
1986 Quincy Jones The Color Purple Warner 925-369-1
1988 Carole Childs Cocktail Elektra 7559-60806-2
1988 Ry Cooder Pecos Bill Windham Hill 0709
1989 Ry Cooder Johnny Handsome Warner 7599-25996-2
1989 George Delerue Steel Magnolias Polydor 841-582
1992 Ry Cooder Trespass Warner 9632-45220-2
1992 Trespass -
"Music from and inspired by..."
1992 Various Tales From the Crypt Giant 24462-2 (CD)
1993 Ry Cooder Geronimo: An American Legend Columbia 7464-57760-2
1995 David Robbins Dead Man Walking Columbia CK-65722
1995 David Robbins Dead Man Walking-
"Music from and inspired by..."
Columbia 483534-2
1995 Ry Cooder Music By Ry Cooder Warner 9362-45987-2
1996 Ry Cooder Last Man Standing Verve/Polygram 31453-34152
1997 Ry Cooder The End Of Violence Outpost OPD-30007
1997 Sharon Boyle The End Of Violence
Songs from the Original Soundtrack
Outpost OPD-30008
1998 Ry Cooder Primary Colors MCA MCAD-11775
1998 Deva Anderson & Ian Menzies Palmetto BMG 09026-63159-2