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  1. Regulation Navy Blues
  2. Ain't Enough of Me to Go Around
  3. I Can't Last
  4. Quit a Little Bit
  5. Stella
  6. Possum
  7. Mr Money (Ry Cooder : slide guitar?)
  8. Night Come Quickly
  9. Football King
  10. Hard to Be
  11. That Was Then

Produced for Viva Productions Inc by Schmitt-Douglas Productions

Musicians :

Liner notes: Possum is a group that right now is absolutely unknown. It grew out of friendship and a long, loose working association... and all kinds of changes, losing people, moving to LA, quarrelling, making-up, living on people's floors, getting old people back. Their sound is a break with conformity and a return to tradition... A return to tradition evolving into a new kind of taste.

Says Stephane: This is a good country rock LP, a la Joyous Noise, with vocal harmonies. The three thanked musicians are obviously sessionmen (Ron Tutt is a drummer, Red Rhodes a pedal steel guitar). The sleeve doesn't indicate on which tracks Ry Cooder plays.

© 1971 Capitol

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