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Disky VI 863592
Playing The Blues
  1. Still Got The Blues For You - Gary Moore
  2. Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker
  3. Down In Mississippi - Pops Staples (with Ry Cooder, from Peace To The Neighborhood)
  4. Trouble Blues - John Hammond
  5. Too Many Cooks - Terry Evans (with Ry Cooder, from Blues For Thought)
  6. I'll Be Good - Walter "Wolfman" Washington
  7. Back To My Baby - Sanne Salomonsen
  8. Iceman - Albert Collins
  9. Green All Over - Jumpin' The Gunn
  10. Witherin' Moon - Larry McCray
  11. Too Early To Tell - The Kinsey Report
  12. She Likes To Boogie Real Low - Johnny Winter
  13. Rule The World - Duke Robillard

Track 3 produced by : Leslie Morris

Track 3 musicians :

Track 5 produced by : Ry Cooder

Track 5 musicians :

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