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Mark LeVine
Pilgrim's Progress
  1. Going To The Country (Ry Cooder : acoustic lead guitar)
  2. Twenty-one Years Older Than Yesterday
  3. Dr.Grossman (Ry Cooder : acoustic lead guitar)
  4. Purple Dreams Are Creepy
  5. The Love Song (Ry Cooder : mandolin)
  6. Richard Lee (Ry Cooder : electric bottleneck guitar)
  7. Miller's Crossing
  8. Texas Style (Ry Cooder : electric bottleneck guitar)
  9. Sure I Can Write (Ry Cooder : acoustic lead guitar)
  10. Better Dad Than Dead (Ry Cooder : acoustic bottleneck guitar)
  11. Nothing More Is Nothing Less
  12. Periwinkle Blue (Ry Cooder : acoustic lead guitar)
Image from Ry Cooder web site
Left to Right :
Ry Cooder & Michael Deasy, Kathy Deasy
Mark LeVine
Toxey French, Ry Cooder, Jerry Scheff

Produced by : Michael Deasy

Musicians :

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