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WB 9 46261-2 (US)
Harpers Bizarre
Feelin' Groovy:
The Best of Harpers Bizarre

featuring 59th Street Bridge Song
  1. 59th Street Bridge Song
  2. Come To The Sunshine
  3. Happyland
  4. Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear
  5. The Debutante's Ball
  6. Anything Goes
  7. Jessie
  8. High Coin
  9. Chattanooga Choo Choo
  10. The Biggest Night Of Her Life
  11. Pocketful Of Miracles
  12. Witchi Tai To
  13. Knock On Wood (Ry Cooder : bottleneck guitar) from Harpers Bizarre 4
  14. Poly High

Produced by : Lenny Waronker (1-13), and Lenny Waronker, Harry Nilsson, Ted Templeman (14)

Musicians :

© 1997 Warner Brothers

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