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Track TitlePerformer (using Ferrington instruments)
  1. The Job of Journey Work
  2. Richard Thompson
  3. Ovy Groovy
  4. Rossy
  5. Ry Cooder Melody
  6. Ry Cooder (electric guitar solo)
  7. Li'l King of Everything
  8. David Hidalgo
  9. J'aime M'asseoir
  10. Reeves Gabrels
  11. Rebecca
  12. Stephen Bishop
  13. Danny's Song
  14. J.J. Cale
  15. Dolors
  16. Michael Ward
  17. Miss Faye
  18. Randy Jacobs
  19. Old Country Rock
  20. Phobe Snow
  21. Neil Finn Melody
  22. Neil Finn
  23. Elvis Is Alive
  24. David Lindley
  25. Afternoon at George's
  26. Kenny Edwards
  27. Judy
  28. Michael Landau
  29. Albert Lee Instrumental
  30. Albert Lee
  31. J.D. Souther Melody
  32. J.D. Souther
  33. It Happened One Night
  34. Henry Kaiser
  35. May 17th
  36. Elvis Costello
  37. Violins du Jour
  38. String Quartet
  39. Home Sweet Home / Baby Love /
    A Tribute to Nineteenth Century America and the Supremes
  40. Don Was

    Quote from book by Danny Ferrington : "Ry Cooder has an amazing ear for tone and is extremeley particular about the guitars he'll play. So I was really pleased when Kenny Edwards told me that Ry had played one of my acoustic basses and declared it to be 'a useable instrument'. Comming from Ry, those words were high praise. Since then, Ry has bought four or five of my guitars, and because he lives along the route I take from my house to my workshop, he's one of the people I look to for input when I'm trying out a new guitar. I call him my 'roadtester'."

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