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Feeding The Flame
Songs By Men To End Aids
  1. Feeding The Flame - Willie Sordillo with Flor de Cana
  2. Until The Balance Tips - John Bucchino
  3. All The Time In The World - Fred Small
  4. Welcome Home - George Fulginiti with Elliot Pilshaw
  5. I Can Take A Hint - Abe Rybeck
  6. Right Behind Your Eyes - Gary Lapow
  7. Forever Gay - Xotika
  8. The First Song - The Flirtations
  9. Crazy World - Michael Callen
  10. What Part Of No - Geof Morgan
  11. Gotta Lotta Livin' To Do - Peter Alsop with Ry Cooder
  12. Experts - Tom Wilson Weinberg
  13. One Of The Enemy - Romanovsky & Phillips
  14. Say A Prayer For A Stranger - Josh White Junior
  15. Hills Of Glenshee - Pete Seeger
  16. Suite Early Morning - Pete Seeger

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