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Buddah 2349 002
And His Magic Band
Dropout Boogie

Re-release of the album Safe As Milk
  1. Sure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do
  2. Zig Zag Wanderer
  3. Call On Me
  4. Dropout Boogie
  5. I'm Glad
  6. Electricity
  7. Yellow Brick Road
  8. Abba Zaba
  9. Plastic Factory
  10. Where There's Woman
  11. Grown So Ugly
  12. Autumn's Child

Says Ry of Captain Beefheart on the 1983 Guitar Greats interview: "He had great musical ideas. It was kind of an interesting event. I still think that Safe As Milk is a good record. What's really good there is the master tape. It's mixed badly. Hopeless mix... hopeless... terrible. Stupid thing was done which was to take it into a cheap studio to save some money.... The master tape of that album is utterly fantastic. They should take it to Japan and redo it. What a great sound. 'Cause it was cut in a good studio on tube equipment - it's a fantastic sound. I was pretty impressed with what he had figured out. Not always logical, but always interesting."

Produced by : Bob Krasnow & Richard Perry

Musicians :

In the absense of a list of band personnel published with the album, the following has been compiled via surfing the WWW and consulting list members. A major influence has been Gary "Magic" Marker, and musicians suggested by Gary which do not occur elsewhere are marked (GM).

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