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SD 8299 (US pressing)
James Luther Dickinson
Dixie Fried
  1. Wine
  2. The Strength of Love
  3. Louise
  4. John Brown
  5. Dixie Fried
  6. The Judgement
  7. O How She Dances
  8. Wild Bill Jones
  9. Casey Jones (on the road again)

Says List member Stephane Rebeschini :
The album is excellent, but Ry Cooder is not credited and there's nothing characteristic to be heard. Maybe he is "The Okefenokee Kid", but that's just a special thanks. Who knows ?

The following message has been received from Jens Erler :
I was looking for information on James Luther Dickinson's "Dixie Fried" album and found your site. Most likely the Okefenokee Kid listed is Stanley Booth, the Memphis based writer. He is the author of "The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones" and "Rythm Oil: A Journey Through the Music of the American South". He grew up in the Okefenokee area. Dickinson and Booth seem to be friends since the early sixties. Dickinson is frequently mentioned in Booth's articles -- and Booth introduced Dickinson to the Rolling Stones.

Produced by : Jim Dickinson and Tom Dowd

Musicians :

Special Thanks to Charlie Brown, Bob the Fox, Rock & Roll Randall, Deive-In Danny, James Parks, Eric Clapton, Dan Penn, Herbie O'Meil, The Okefenokee Kid, Saul Betz, Bill Newport, John Fry, Jerry Wexler, Sam Phillips

Recorded at :

© 1972 Atlantic

Information supplied by List member Stephane Rebeschini
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