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Pat Boon
  1. What's Gnawing at me
  2. July, You're A Woman
  3. Within My Own Time
  4. Song Of The Siren
  5. Molly
  6. Never Going Buck
  7. Long Distance
  8. No Playing In The Snow
  9. I've Got A Secret
  10. Bad News (Ry Cooder : electric bottleneck guitar)
  11. Break My Mind (Ry Cooder : mandolin)
  12. Friends (Ry Cooder : mandolin)

THISTLE THANKS: Ry Cooder, John Forsha, Rita Martinson, Toxie French, Larry Beckett, Phil Ochs, Judy Henske (a good baritone), Gracia Nitzche, Larry Knechtel, Jerry Sheff, Susan and Neil Young (who couldn't make it), Nasty Herbie, Jack the Black, Bob Mahoney, Shirly Boone and all the Boonettes, Jack 'specs' Nitzsche, Mike McRae, Sid Weiss, Patrice Holloway, Mutt, Steve Guy and Iris, Irma Newton, Lucinda Hicks, Mike Wofford, Plas Johnson, Woolf Phillips, Assorted LEAVES, SPOONFULS, a TURTLE, an extra stone, The Beatles (who didn't make it either), Yesterdaze, and similar afflictions, THUH Sound, and Zalman's mother, who all helped make this possible.

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