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WCDS 5001
Buena Vista Social Club
Chan Chan
  1. Chan Chan (son by Francisco Repilado) - 3:59
  2. Dos Gardenias (bolero by Isolina Carillo) - 3:04
  3. Macusa (son by Francisco Repilado) - 4:06

Macusa is the bonus track, the others having been on the album. In my humble opinion it ranks alongside much of the album, but probably won't dislodge any of your favourites. Features guitar interplay between Ry and Compay Segundo.... I guess! There is zero information provided, in marked contrast to the album.

Produced by : Ry Cooder (Executive Producer : Nick Gold)

No musicians are credited, although the following appear within the artwork :

See also Buena Vista Social Club album.

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