The most complete Ry Cooder discography in the Universe
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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  1. Child of the Universe (vocal: The Byrds)
  2. Birth Bt Descent
  3. Opening Night : By Surgery
  4. Spec-Rac-Tac-Para-Com
  5. Border Town Blues : A Blunt Instrument
  6. Magic Carpet Ride (vocal: Steppenwolf)
  7. Constant Journey
  8. Every Mother's Daughter
  9. It's Always Because Of This : A Deformity
  10. Marlon & His Sacred Bird
  11. Ascention To Virginity
  12. Rock Me (vocal: Steppenwolf)

Produced by : Dave Grusin

Musicians :
No idea!
The record sleeve carries little more information than the above, certainly no credited musicians. Three comments :