Ry Cooder

Tele Poche (France) 16 Juin 1982

He's the king of the bottleneck. A small tube of steel or glass which is slid along the strings of a guitar to give a flowing sound, resembling the Hawaiian style. Ry Cooder (dig the shirt) is a great guitarist and a great traveler. Born in Los Angeles, he started out alongside the bluesman Taj Mahal before joining Captain Beefheart's first Magic Band. He was then to be seen in the company of the Rolling Stones, or haunting the studios of the West Coast. Passionate about music, Cooder draws his inspiration from all sources, all cultures: Hawaiian, country, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, gospel. An electric virtuoso, from time to time he records a few tranquil(!) and original albums, such as the famous "Bop Til You Drop" or the recent "The Slide Area". With a constant concern for quality...

Translation with thanks to Nick Allen